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Skiing in Vratna

Our high standard accommodation pension Apartments Terchova is located just 2km from one of the most known Slovak skiing centres with a rich skiing history – Vratna Free Time Zone, where skiing, snowboarding or freeriding is an experience for every skier, snowboarder or free rider no matter if young or old. We invite you to a winter skiing accompanied by nice accommodation and good cuisine. We offer all of this in beautiful nature of the national park Mala Fatra. You can borrow skies here.


Winter ski resort Paseky is a good place for a wonderful family skiing holiday. The advantage of the resort is free parking with over 400 parking spaces. In the area there are 3 ski and snowboard schools and kindergartens offering their services. Also there is a ski gear and snowboard rental and service. The resort has a central ticket office. Moreover you can find a multifunctional building with a restaurant, two canteens and a souvenir shop.

With the slope Paseky with a total length of 3.3 km and with 100% artificial snow, skiing becomes a unique experience for beginners, advanced and very good skiers and snowboarders. The total transport capacity of the 4-chairlift and three ski lifts is more than 4,000 people per hour. You can enjoy night skiing and for your children there is a children park Kids Zone. There is a regular ski bus line going from Zilina to the resort for free.

Poludnovy Grun

You can get into the resort Poludnovy Grun by a 4-chairlift from the slope Paseky, where you can get by skiing down the slope to the cottage Poludnovy Grun with a restaurant. You will encounter a picturesque view of Maly and Velky Rozsutec from the slope. You will find 4 lifts here that transport 2600 skiers and snowboarders per hour that can enjoy a total length of skiing slopes of over 2,5km.


The golden perl of the whole valley. North-facing slope with heavy elevation of up to 750 m is accessible in a modern eight-seater cable car lift ending just below the ridge of Mala Fatra in the height of 1 494 m.a.s.l. Thanks to its weather conditions, the resort is predetermined for spring skiing. Panorama restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of the peaks of Mala Fatra, sun terrace with comfortable deck chairs for comfortable relaxing on a hillside, unique mountain sun – all that can be found in the resort Chleb. Natural snow, black slope, a free ride zone and a capacity of 900 people per hour in Ostiepkova Mulda. Red ski runs and lifts with a capacity of 600 persons per hour in Snilovske saddle.

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