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Our Jacuzzi is at your disposal every day. After a challenging summer hike or long winter skiing, it is good to rest with relaxing music the next day. The jacuzzi is a hydro-massaging bathtub with massaging jets and warm water, which has healing effects. The jacuzzi has an ergonomic shape so that when the body is seated in its ideal position, the stimulation work can begin.

We guarantee complete privacy in the wellness centre. Entry in reserved times is allowed only for residents of one apartment.

Prices for access to the entire wellness:


Effects o Jacuzzi:





Other options of our wellness offer

You can also warm up in infra sauna and relax body and mind in our facility. Infra sauna generates infra rays trough electrical infra fibers that are optimally focused on every person present within the infra sauna. It is also suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia or from confined spaces in saunas, because the infra sauna has its positive effects also in case you leave the door open.


Effects of infra sauna

Other options of our wellness offer

Salt therapy will be relaxing and confortable for you. Salt has many beneficial effects. Since ancient times salt was a precious article. Salt helps to regulate blood pressure, control fluid status and balance in the body of it. Salt therapy helps people with asthma, allergies and bronchitis. Further, it helps people with mobility problems and skin.

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Effects of salt therapy

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